My first taste of Hollywood just so happen to be on Oscar day. Did you guys see what happen at the end. Wow!  By the way, I did not get invites to Oscar parties, don’t think that $500 would have been spent wisely, LOL. We packed up our stuff at the Double tree where Charlie and I were staying for my work conference and headed to the hills to see my big bro. My brother has been living in LA for about a month or so now so it was only right for him to take us exploring around this great city, but he really didn’t know much about it himself, so we all got lost together. This place has the most colorful walls and the most random things to see. I’m pretty sure I saw a grown lady walking down the street wearing batman pajamas, one open toe sandal on her right foot and a shell toe Adidas on her left foot. My brother’s response, “that’s normal”. We attended a church service at One LA church, grabbed some grub and snapped some shots. I justified her outfit by saying that it was raining and cold but that later on today the sun would come out and the temperature would go up at least 10 more degrees. Not a bad justification considering since I’ve been here I’ve experienced Spring and Summer all in less than two days, and I thought NC weather was weird. Stay tuned for part II, Charlie, big bro and I take it to the hills for some serious exploration. 
Oh almost forgot, I linked this awesome rain coat I nabbed from Talbots and some similar sunnies at the top for you. 
Happy Monday!
Deidra Marie

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