Another weekend gone in a matter of seconds. Again, Smonday should be a new day of the week. Spent a large chunk of the weekend chillaxin with one of my fav babes, Hannah. We are on this healthy-living kick right now so what better spot to grub out than at Living Kitchen. Living Kitchen is housed in the heart of Downtown Raleigh and serves some serious fresh eats that are organic, colorful and just good for the body in general. Who says organic can’t be yummy? I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how satisfying the veggie burger was. I ordered a salad with some random stuff on it too. It was crunchy and colorful,  my two favorite things. Kinda makes you think that this eating healthy business isn’t that bad after all if you choose the right meals.

On another note, in less than 4 days Charlie and I are making our way to the west coast. Were going going back back to Cali Cali. Well, we’ve never been but you get my drift, LOL, Los Angeles to be exact. Stay tuned for my packing shenanigans and my quest to meet some celebrity crushes.

Have a awesome, fantastic week!


Deidra Marie

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