Happy Valentines Day CCC readers. Hope you and your love ones enjoy the day, eat lots of heart-shaped candy, and of course spread the love! I spent the weekend playing with these plastic Dollar Store heart-shaped sunnies and eating chocolate truffle and banana ice cream with marshmallows and graham cracker from Cold Stone Creamery. I know, that seems like the oddest mix for an ice cream treat but who said anything about me being normal, and besides, any trip to Cold Stone Creamery means pairing crazy ice creams together with ludicrous toppings.

Sorry guys, still trying to figure out what to wear for today but I’m pretty sure Charlie’s not taking me anywhere. It’s a school night, and I’m suppose to be dieting for this trip to Puerto Rico in April so that means spinach leaves and chicken for dinner 😦 no going out to eat.

I’ve linked some similar earrings and a hot pink blazer at the top.

Have fun today and Happy V-day lovers!


Deidra Marie

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