And just like that, warm weather appears magically out of nowhere again this month. I’m starting to think I should just leave clothes in my car from every season so in the event the weather person is wrong I can just switch up my outfit in the car. I’ve learned to rely on that initial first step onto the front porch in the AM. Yup, that tells me everything I need to know, but just to be safe, I’ll throw some flip flops, boots, scarves and a rain coat in the car. 🙂

This past weekend I hung around downtown Garner before the big Super Bowl game. No coat needed for this adventure as it was in the high 60’s for most of the day. I’m super excited because while down there some locals informed me that they are building this hometown coffee shop over this way, which means I’ll finally have a coffee shop to hang out at other than Starbucks. Don’t get me wrong, I love Starbucks but there is nothing like supporting small businesses. I’m also in full support of organic coffee as well. The smell is always so robust and most flavors are bold and smooth.

The OOTD was a basic boho chic tunic I purchased on sale from Target’s Knox Rose line, jewelry and booties are from Charlotte Russe, circa 2010. No worries, I’ve linked similar looks at the top for your purchasing pleasure.

One more day till Friday so happy Weekend!


Deidra Marie

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