Spent my Friday night sipping away on some good ol Italian Wine while painting lovers on a bench full of snowflakes and leaves. Definitely not a bad way to begin my weekend. Last time I did wine and design I didn’t bring  any wine to sip on. Weird, huh? I learned my lesson and grabbed a bottle of red for this rodeo and apparently my friends were thinking the same thing and brought bottles of their own, I guess this explains why I painted snow on a tree full of colored leaves. Wine somehow has that effect on you. You begin to imagine things that would never actually happen, LOL.  I had the best teacher that night and this class was the absolute best. She encouraged creativity and pushed us to step out of our comfort zone, the ideal environment for the dreamer and lighthearted. I highly suggest a trip to a wine and design near you. It’s just a great place to let out some stress, and just relax and get your fingers totally covered in paint while mistakenly sipping your paint water instead of your wine, it happens. If your curious, my friends and I visited the Cary location. Such a great group of people, full of energy and good vibes. What more could I ask for?

Hope you have a great week!


Deidra Marie

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