When in ATL, drink a coke with a smile. Charlie and I headed out to Georgia for a wedding this past weekend. We packed to many clothes and ate an assortment of your generic American food and some good African cuisine this weekend. While in Atlanta it was hard to resist a trip to the Coca Cola Factory, the birth place of the famous drink might I add. So, I’ve been to the factory before once when I was in 8th grade, but they’ve renovated since then and when I say the renovations are amazing, they are literally AMAZING. Sad to say I don’t drink much soda but one trip to this museum and I was sold. I kept bugging Charles about finding the soda tasting station I saw once on my 8th grade field trip. I was sad because we were already 1 hour in and hadn’t seen the tasting station yet. It was of course the very last thing we came across, but so worth the wait. FYI, if you’ve been here before you know the Italy Coca Cola is very much an acquired taste 🙂 I think I tried about 6 different ginger ale’s, one of my all time fav pops. This gal was happy. One thing is for sure, there is always something to do in Atlanta, and therefore impossible to be bored in this lovely city. Atlanta my love, I’ll be back, hopefully soon and hopefully I’ll  be able to stay long enough to take in more downtown attractions, minus the parking fees. Stay tuned for my Daytona Beach adventures! By the way, I’ve linked the denim jeans and the top I was wearing at the top of the post for you to shop. Of course, as always, all items linked are on sale baby! Have a good week!


Deidra Marie

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