Sun out means legs out! I’ve been waiting for this moment. NC has had some awkward weather for the past few months and waiting for it normalize was agonizing. I think it’s finally stable and pretty safe to say spring is here for real for real, LOL. I can’t the number of white dresses I own, all of them unique in their own way with varying details and in many different lengths. I love white because its a fresh look and if worn with the right accessories can look very put together, plus, white just goes with everything! I’ve rearranged my closet a bit, sorted through my clothes for giveaway and shocked myself with the number of white pieces I own. Every spring I tell myself I’m not going to buy another white fabric and bam, Banana Republic all of sudden has a elegant white maxi that I could clearly wear to a summer garden party that doesn’t exist and will never happen. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I tell myself these things to trick myself into buying things I clearly don’t need. Well, that’s exactly what this dress is; didn’t need it, not going anywhere in it, and sadly haven’t been invited to any garden parties since…..since NEVER but what the heck. And now that I think about it, why the heck would I wear a elegant white maxi dress to a garden party? There would be grass stains all over it, but I digress. 

About this dress, I love the navy tassles and the pom pom sleeves. TREND ALERT, I’m seeing these pom pom sleeves just about everywhere and I think it’s just darling on dresses and flowy blouses. I’ve linked a similar dress at the top and similar earrings for you but if your curious, I got the dress for just $16 bucks from TJ Maxx and the earrings from Burlington Coat Factory for just 6 bucks. Not bad, huh? Oh, almost forgot, these cute curly tendrils I’m rocking are the result of a quick bantu knot out. I’ve updated how I achieve this style and will share with you soon. 

Happy Hump Day!


Deidra Marie 

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