I’ve always loved the vintage look. I tell my mom all the time that I should’ve been born in the 1970’s, my favorite decade by the way. This navy blue polka dot romper is something out of the 1950’s, also a decade I just LOVE. I like pairing these simple pieces with just a pop of color. Bright colors make my day and add a little something extra to an otherwise dull outfit. Shockingly, I’m not really a big fan of navy, I don’t really think this color does much for me, but I couldn’t resist this romper, and would have bought it in any color because I love polka dots. I got these shots while we were in Daytona beach about a month ago. I’ll be wearing this romper a few times this summer and mix and match it with a few bright colored blazers, accessories, and shoes. I have some bright colored belts I could definitely add to this romper that might add some flare to it as well. The options are limitless because navy blue goes with so many different colors. Stay tuned for pics on how I style this cute little romper. Wondering where I got this romper from, huh? Well, it’s currently on major sale right now at American Eagle ae.com. I’ve linked it above for you to shop. I’ve linked a somewhat similar wedge at the top for you to shop as well. Happy Sunday!


Deidra Marie

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