As you can see, there was a major cat chase in town, there are literally cats roaming everywhere around the streets of San Juan and of course, you know I had a field day taking numerous pics of all the colored walls in the city. I was obsessed. I haven’t posted nearly as many colored wall pics. I took so many. This city is very colorful, full of life and rich in culture, good food, and all around good people. Charles and I said we’d be back for a visit sometime in the future as we didn’t get to see much of new San Juan. This place is on the do travel list before we settle down, LOL.

Since we have now become frequent travellers, thought I’d share some of our first time blogger traveller tips, hope this helps:

1. Over Pack
This sounds absolutely crazy but I actually ran out of clothes the first day we got to San Juan. We were gone for a total of 10 days and the last thing I thought would ever happen to me was running out of clothes. If your like me, and just have to have multiple outfit options I suggest you over pack, and pack things that you can mix and match with just about anything. If your not like me, just over pack under garments and socks, you can never have enough of those.

2. Make a checklist
I tend to forget things, okay, lies, I ALWAYS forget things, so I started making a checklist so that way I have all the basic needs covered.

3. Bring your own headphones
Let’s be honest, the headphones they give you on your flight are CHEAP, you are better off bringing your own and just being extra careful not to leave them anywhere.

4. More Batteries
Bring extra battery packs for your camera when your out and about exploring. Charles and I can literally spend a whole day just walking around shooting pic,s so with two batteries we know for sure we’ll capture everything instead of going back to the hotel and waiting for our battery to charge before exploring some more.

5. Make friends with the locals
We’ve had some of the best experiences when we’ve just carried on casual conversation with the locals. Locals know where to find the best food, hot spots, night life and sight seeing. Now, of course there are some rules to this, use your discernment because everyone is not trustworthy.

6. Map out your activities before you get there. 
We book short fun trips so there is not a lot of time to sit around figuring out what were going to do. Plan your activities before you get there so all your time is spent having fun instead of planning to have fun.

Well, I guess that completes our tour of all the islands and speaking of travels, Charlie and I are currently planning a trip to Morocco and Barcelona, kind of excited and can’t wait to see what these beautiful places have in store for the Craig’s. Till next time folks!


Deidra Marie

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