I’m all about creating shape to my clothes and creating the illusion of an hourglass frame. I’m pear shaped with short legs and a very long torso so it’s better for me to cut things at the waist sometimes, that being said, I’m no stranger to a belted dress or two and lengthening my legs with a heel. I’m 5’7 so I’m fairly tall but most of my length is in my torso so wearing a heel does make my legs appear longer. We all have some things about our bodies that make it not so great to rock certain styles and trends so I try to find clever ways to work around it. This is for my pear-shaped ladies out there. Here are some suggestions for dressing the pear shape body type.

1. Work your Top
Being pear-shaped means you are fuller on the bottom. Some women don’t like to draw attention to the areas that are fuller. I like to draw more attention my arms, shoulders and neck. Choose tops that have interesting necklines. In this case, I added a funky belt and bright yellow earrings that draw attention upwards.

2. #pantshapesmatter
I’ve just accepted that certain styles of pants and denim won’t work since I’m bottom heavy. Over the years I’ve found that I look best in flared, boot cut, wide leg and relaxed skinny (since I have big calves). Pants with pleats, boxy shapes near the waist or pants with to many details look awful on me, it just doesn’t lay right and makes me look bigger than what I am.

3. Say YES to the dress
Dresses are a great option for pear-shaped body types, and work really well in our favor because most styles with the exception of shift dresses look amazing. Form fitted dresses hug our full bottom half and show off our curves. Flared dresses and A-line dresses create a darling shape. Be careful though, seams that come to close to the bust can look borderline maternity dress, especially if you have short legs.

4. Balance Things with a Good Shoe
I find that when wearing denim or dress pants, the shoes are a main factor in how the overall look comes together. With a skinnier dress pant or denim, I wear pointy toe flats, they make my legs appear longer, and provide a good balance to the rest of my outfit.

5. Accessorize
For the longest time I never really realized that my obsession with accessories was really to accommodate my shape. I just kind of bought things because they looked cute on but didn’t think that they looked cute on because it was for my body type. I do scarfs, bold earrings and necklaces, it draws more attention to the upper half of my body and draws the attention away from my fuller hips, thighs and legs.

Hope these tips help. I am in no way an expert, and I’m still learning how to dress my body while staying trendy and in style. It’s a constant battle as trends change frequently,
but I make fashion fun, and it’s less stressful when you know your body type. It makes shopping a whole lot easier too.

Nabbed my hot pink dress from Gap a year or so ago, and have had this belt since college from God knows where, but don’t fret, I’ve linked a darling pink dress, and a similar blue belt for your shopping pleasure.


Deidra Marie

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