And to complete our VA tour, Charlie and I stopped at the lovely city of Richmond to hang out with a dear friend of mine that I met under very random circumstances just about a year ago. We grabbed some grub in downtown Richmond and just chatted away about life, work and more life. I won’t name the restaurant we visited in these pics because the amount of asparagus they gave us was just shameful. It wasn’t even a full kid size portion but note, I’m eating more veggies so I can’t really complain, LOL. I get to see this beautiful lady in a couple of weeks and she’s going to take me out on the town for a good time in Richmond. Reenacting Charlie’s angels out in the parking lot was the highlight of this meal. Yes, I know, were missing one angel but who needs her anyway, LOL 🙂

On another note, Charlie and I are trying to keep our monies in tack for travel in the next few months. We have a 5K and a wedding in September and we’ll be doing some traveling in October and December. We are wrapping up this year on a high note and I’m hoping everyone will join us on the ride through reading about my adventures on the blog.
By the way, Charlie is turing 31 this December and I want to plan something extra special for this very special day. Shoot me some ideas because I’m fresh out. This man is not easily amused by anything so it has to be action packed and full of detailed and well thought out activities.

Happy Hump Day everyone!


Deidra Marie

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