Linen rompers from the gap, yes please! I wanted to share some of my fav Gap items I’m crushing on from their summer sale, this romper being one of them. My romper is linked at the top. It is a pretty simple romper, but I’ve given it a lot of character by adding a fun bandana, red lips, red purse, and keeping it super chill with my low top white Chuck Taylor’s. When in doubt, wear some Chuck Taylor’s, it really gives that cool vibe to any outfit, and their super comfortable! I usually get my Chuck’s from DSW. They always get in new fun colors every year, and the prices are significantly cheaper than on the Converse website, just a tip. My red purse is thrifted and I’ve really enjoyed this purse by the way. 

I HIGHLY suggest taking advantage of all the summer sales going on right now. Things are pretty much at their cheapest when it comes to summer looks because stores are trying to make room for fall so stuff so get it while it’s hot! In the meantime, check out some of my Gap summer sales items I have my eyes on.

Peach Dress
Striped Black and White
Boho Dress
Boyfriend Denim
Denim Shorts
Cutest bootcut jeans EVER

Looking forward to a good darn week! Happy summer sale shopping!


Deidra Marie 

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