Breakfasted with my island style thrifted crop top
He’s looks cute but don’t let that fury face fool you he’s such a  #badcat
Weekly Lowe’s trip with bae
LITERALLY the least amount of frizz I’ve had all summer! 
Sunday breakfast date
Banana Republic dress I found hiding in the back of my closet. I couldn’t fit this last year. #progress
He was miserable for 2 reasons, lipstick and having to take me to Starbucks 🙂 
Nat and Charles getting ish done. I did nothing, LOL
Yard Sale prep
My room is a disaster right now. #yardsale prep
Yummy veggie bowl with wontons #vegetarian 
Pretending he likes his meatless burrito, LOL
FINALLY HERE! #progress

Yes, you are correct, this week was crazy baby. Gearing up for the yard sale. My friends and I will be out on my front lawn selling from 8AM-2:30PM. If you are local, hope you can come out. Charles threatened to trash all my clothes if I didn’t give them away so you see my dilemma, LOL. Hope everyone’s week was great and as productive as mine was. 

Here’s to the freaking weekend. 


Deidra Marie 

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