And you thought I was done, huh. Nope, Costa Maya was a dream ya’ll. I wanted to quit my job, say bye bye to NC and move here. We were so exhausted from partying it up on the ship that we wanted to keep a low profile in Costa Maya and decided to do a really relaxing tour with with some friendly locals. He took us all around Costa Maya, then we stopped by the beach and hung out there for a few hours. Our tour guide told us about the history of Costa Maya, taught us a bit about the Mayan language and we shopped around the beach area and drank coconuts the rest of the day until it was time to board the ship to head to our next stop. If you’ve never island hopped before then it’s great to have a plan in place for your first session, so I thought I’d share a few things I do whilst island hopping (going from one island to the next).

Charlie and I are adrenaline junkies and we enjoy scratching the surface of death when we can, LOL j/k, we just enjoy flying high and diving in beautiful island water. If your a first time cruiser, I highly suggests buying your excursions off the ship, it can come out cheaper and the locals can show you the spots no tourist really ever see. Some excursions we’ve done are cave viewings, tours, beach days, jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, party bus, city tours, hiking, biking, and dune buggies. Those are just a few things we like but there are so many others thing we haven’t tried yet. 

Get your self a piece of the country to take home with you or buy a little something something for family and friends. I have a lot of keep sakes and every time I see them it just takes me back to my adventures in that country. Memories are forever guys. 

Well, I guess this is something you should do before you travel to another country. Charlie and I made an effort to brushen up on our Spanish before our visit and boy did it come in handy when it was time to shop around for souvenirs for family and friends. 

Have at least one day where you just chill out. You don’t want to exhaust yourself and be pooped when you get home only to go to work exhausted. You’re supposed to be relaxed after vacation, not tired and stressed. So take one day to just chill on the beach and enjoy doing absolutely nothing. 

I can’t stress this enough. We are so use to being in routine that sometimes when we go other places we want to stick to our routine. Newsflash, that’s not the definition of vacation, get out, try new foods, even if it doesn’t sound good to you. This is part of immersing yourself in the culture and taking your taste buds for a crazy ride too. Be open minded and and always be respectful. 

Hope my list was helpful and picture visually pleasing. 

Were headed to Belize and Cozumel next. Talk with you guys soon. 


Deidra Marie

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