Last long weekend until May ya’ll; and I took advantage of it. Charlie and I had an impromptu trip to Carolina Beach this past weekend. I know what your thinking, why in the world would you go to a beach in this cold weather. Well, Charlie’s friend has an amazing condo right at the beach that she always lets us stay in and it’s great to just get away from the hustle and bustle of NC living and go to quieter places. One thing about Carolina beach is that in January, you basically have the beach to yourself because it’s off season. The first day was a warmer 50ish degrees so we walked around the empty town snapping pics and found this pretty fun colorful wall, if you follow me on Insta, you know why I’m playing with the strings on my hoodie, LOL. Anyway, we shopped some of the vintage and consignment shops around town and I must say I got really lucky and nabbed 3 vintage coats for $20.00. Charlie found nothing, LOL. Vintage men’s items are hard to come by. Smaller towns have the best vintage and thrifted finds so Charlie always takes me to one when were road tripping. I just spot them on the road, he passes them up, argues with me about how we are not going to make it to our destination on time, drives several more miles in silence as I sit pouting and then he eventually gives in, makes a u-turn and stops me by the shop. Sometimes he gets out the car, other times he just patiently waits in the car and I think he’s in the car praying I’m not maxing out our credit card, LOL. 

In any case, we really enjoyed our first day at the beach. I’ll post some beach pictures soon, but first, a few pics from our trip to Belize. 

Hope everyone had a great long MLK weekend. 


Deidra Marie

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