The best part about cruising is that you never know who you’re going to meet. If you know me then you know I talk to just about any and everybody, but who would have thought I’d get approached by strangers first, it’s usually the other way around.  We spent two days at sea, which I can honestly say in the past has been way more than I can handle, but I guess when you keep yourself busy on the ship it’s not so bad. By the way, it’s very hard to be bored on a cruise ship, just saying.  My mission for a day at sea, to make sure this awesome vintage Tommy Hilfiger dress sold by one of my fav vintage Instagram shops, @brassbuttonsvelvetropes was featured on my blog. Only a few shots in and we were interrupted by a group of 20-somethings who had their fair share of drinks and were exiting the ship party. Well, one thing led to another and they became apart of the CCC family; my brief explanation for why they are on my blog, LOL. 

It all started with the question, “why are you taking pictures?” We spent a good hour just chatting about life, careers, whether to have kids or not, our pets, places we wanted to travel next, what we thought about Honduras and then one of the girls insisted I get some shots with Charlie. First official photoshoot we had that didn’t involve a tripod, LOL. And get this, the girl is a professional photographer in San Diego and travels all over the world to take pics. Crazy, I remember all of this but can’t remember their names, LOL. Yes, I said it, confession, I can’t remember none of their names, but it was good conversation and an even better photoshoot; one of the most fun photoshoots to date I’d say. We learned a lot about them. Apparently, their all best friends, all went to college together, got married and moved to different places all over the country, but decided to link up for a cruise after not seeing each other for over 8 years. Needless to say, our story is way less interesting; were just a boring couple with two cats who scrounged up a few pennies from some photography gigs and decided to escape the hustle and bustle of Raleigh living, LOL, way less interesting but the truth, nonetheless. The sun went down and we all went our separate ways, never saw them again for the remainder of the cruise. I love random meet ups like this, it’s a big world and I plan to see it all. 

Links to my outfit and accessories above.

Next stop, Belize and Costa Maya Mexico. Stay tuned.


Deidra Marie

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