I couldn’t be more happy with how this weekend turned out. Spending time with family and friends is really all that matters to me, and to do that this weekend brought me so much joy. Good food, family, a little bit of cardio workout mixed in and VOILA, a happy Deidra at the end of the day, LOL. Now it’s back to reality: school, work, Spanish class, and the occasional Netflix binge session. No lie guys, after all the shenanigans this weekend, I still feel like I haven’t exhausted all my energy. I think the older I get the more energy I have. Thank God for that.

So, about this outfit. The pink jumpsuit was purchased sometime last year from the new Gabrielle Union clothing line at New York and Company. I am such a sucker for a jumpsuit and even more of a sucker for a jumpsuit in a neon bright color. If this is your first time reading the CCC blog, then you couldn’t possibly know that I’m completely obsessed with bright colors, prints and anything vintage or thrift. I work hard to bring color to my content and hope that it brings happiness to your day. My blazer was purchased from a vintage shop called I found them while scrolling through post on Instagram. I’ve purchased several items from this shop and they never go wrong. All items are reasonably priced and they have $5 deals! Can’t beat that, huh? If you’re ever in the mood to buy a funky printed blazer or top, check them out at the website link above or check them out on Instagram at @vintijkandi.
Who else is obsessed with bright colors and jumpsuits? It’s a great go to piece for parties and such.
Sadly, my jumpsuit is no longer available but I’ve provided a link above to similar jumpsuits from NY and Company.

Hope you guys have an awesome week!


Deidra Marie

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