Hi CCC readers! I’m back! I took a week off to catch up on some photography projects and grad school research. Ugh, every time I say the word research I just cringe. Hours and hours of article reading and endless amounts of writing. What in the world did I get myself into? I’m so in need of a destress session. Speaking of R&R, me and my fav ladies are camping out in my living room next weekend for an all night wine sipping, games and trash talk about boys session, LOL. Yes, we are so high school, sue us. While I patiently wait on this weekend to arrive, I’d like to share a few transition outfits tips for spring.

I know this confusing weather has a lot of people wondering how the heck they can pull off a spring look without freezing their hips off. So, here are some tips I swear by to stay stylish and warm as the weather makes the slow transition to spring and back to winter and then finally spring, LOL.

I’m the queen of layering and when it’s time to transition I simply layer with collared shirts and light weight sweater vest. Another way to layer and not burn up when the weather changes is to wear a cute skirt and light weight hose.

You can instantly springafy your wardrobe by swapping out a dark winter color with a light spring color. For example, replace your royal blues with a sky blue or pastel or switch out those dark bold pinks with powdered or blush pink color. Think pastel, light and airy and you’ll be spring ready in no time.

Shoes can be complicated with weather that is so fickle. A great transition shoe for this ever changing weather are slingbacks, peep toes and mules. It shows just enough of the foot that you can move from one season to the next without looking out of place.

I love a light weight trench coat or a light weight jacket that stops right at the hip. These types of jackets scream spring but still say it’s too cold to go out without a jacket. These are also great layering pieces and can be worn all day if you’re trotting around town and still want to slay the day.

Yes, I said it. Wear white! White is the ultimate indicator that winter is bye bye. I opt to rock white denim and a nude shoe with a fun light pink or kelly green on top. For a clean office look, white dress pants and a cardigan or button up is the way to go.

Florals are a great way to transition too. Around this time you see florals incorporated in jackets, tops and even bottoms. Add a hint of floral to your look as a way to transition in. If you’re not much of a floral person, a floral head piece, shoes or any other accessory are a great way to add to your outfit without being over the top.

I hope these tips were helpful in getting your transition looks spring ready. Feel free to drop a comment in the comment box on your spring look tips.


Deidra Marie

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