See something different in these pics? Maybe you didn’t notice. The first button on my skirt is different from the rest. Ahh, gotta love online shopping. I ordered this cute little number for a photoshoot only to open the package and find a button was missing. Needless to say, that photoshoot never happened because by the time I actually had time on my schedule to take pics, we had already transitioned to spring and this skirt is clearly a fall/winter look. We’ve all been there. You prepare ahead of time, you think you have all your ducks in a row, and you’re pretty sure your plan is fool proof, and then BOOM, everything happens completely different than what you imagined. In fact, it may have made a turn for the worse.

While I have no special recipe or secret solution to fix things going array in your life or to change how things happen in life, I take comfort in knowing that what will be will be, and that everything happens for a reason. That sounds so cliche, but it’s so true. All the things that didn’t happen for me in life were simply not meant for me. That’s how I take it now. No matter how bad I may have wanted it at the time, it was not in my plan, and I have so much peace knowing this. I have even more peace knowing that I may have dodged a bullet because lord knows I want nothing that was not actually meant for me. If I have to force it, if my gut is steering me away, if something just doesn’t seem right, I just let it go, I don’t want it. This was certainly a hard lesson for me to learn. Especially in my mid to late 20’s when society has you thinking you should have the perfect job, house and children at this point in life. I only want what’s for me, not what everyone else is getting or thinking I should have, just whats meant for me. I had a dream of moving to New York and becoming a big time editor for some fashion magazine, instead, I met Charles. And while I’m not a big time fashion editor, I write and market for a living and that has opened huge doors to enhance my academic career and connect with the most amazing talented people in the blogger world. You see, when you take heed to the things that are meant for you and let God lead you on the path, all the things you thought you wanted seem like nothing when you get what is actually meant for you. 

I couldn’t return this mustard yellow skirt as it was on final sale. However, the store did offer me a coupon to shop, and my sister and I found the cute gold button from Michaels days later. Like the unusual button on my skirt, the photoshoot and the skirt worked out. This button reminds me of how my path will be different from everyone else. My husband always says, life is full of swift transitions, he’s right. Now I just expect change, and try to remain adaptable. I’d rather have change than remain stuck. This has become one of my favorite skirts, it arrived damaged, and I made it into something unique and beautiful. 

Take what you think is damaged, and make it your own, take whatever life throws at you and turn it into something beautiful. 

Hope you have an awesome week. 


Deidra Craig 

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