I’M ALMOST FREE! So, now that summer is officially here, I have all this free time to get the things that I actually want done done. I have two more weeks of summer school and then I’m officially free so this clearly got me thinking what I can do with my long, hot summer days. So, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 summer activities, some I’ve done before, while others, I’m trying for the first time, YAY me.  Also, if you don’t mind, I’d love to share all the deets on this super, crazy bright, colorful photoshoot and the outfit deets of course. Keep reading for the list and hopefully, if you’re in the NC area, you can join me and my friends for all the summer shenanigans.





Okay, so before I share this list, allow to me to talk about this fun outfit. I’m obsessed with this skirt, and I found it in the most unexpected place, Plato’s closet to be exact. Clearly, I’m in love with it because of the fun, funky pattern and color scheme. I paired it with this neon orange tank top that I found from Clothes Mentor a few months back. I don’t know if you noticed, but it has a cute little zipper detail on the shoulder that I absolutely, positively LOVE. I don’t why, but I often second guess myself when mixing and matching colors and patterns because if mixed incorrectly it can go really wacky, tacky. I just think back to when we had wacky tacky dress up day in middle school and I just don’t want to repeat an outfit like that in adulthood, LOL but with this outfit, I still feel fun, fashion-forward and bright. I just have to start trusting myself and realize that my sense of style will be like no one else’s. I just need to do me and feel good doing it. It’s a process, but I’m getting there. I almost forgot, my fun pink block heels are from DSW. I had a slew full of coupons to use before they expired and these shoes were on sale as well so I ended paying 17 bucks! Amazing, huh? I’m no stranger to a good bargain every now and then.

By the way, you can shop my pink block heels by clicking the link here. You’re welcome 😉

Okay, so now that I’ve made you wait long enough, I’m now ready to share my list so keep   scrolling down for my top 5 summer activities….















Okay, drum roll please…




Okay, so check the list below.


I literally do this every year! We like to visit our friends condo in Carolina Beach every year but this year were hitting the road for a day long trip to the Outer banks to shoot a romantic, ethereal engagement photoshoot for a few of our friends. I’m like crazy excited about this shoot because the beach we are visiting has wild horses.


So now that my husband works for NC Parks and Rec we have spent so many weekends getting lost in all the parks NC has to offer. Sadly, most of these parks I’ve never seen or heard of and I found out that most of the ones in my community are way under utilize. So, my goal this summer is start using them. Last weekend, we visited one down the street and played a very competitive game of tennis. I confess, I’m no Venus or Serena, but I hold my own. I lost every game but in my defense I had a old racket with a torn grip, LOL.


I’m not even sure why this is on my list but you better believe this is happening in two weeks, LOL. Why on earth did I agree to unplug and sleep outdoors, LOL. I don’t mind either one its just my extreme fear of snakes that has me a bit on edge. Okay, everyone, now is the time to start praying for me.


I have quite a few festivals on my list including the Carib festival, Oak City festival and a few art festivals. I do this every year but this year I’m really amping it up and attending as many festivals as possible. Why? Because it’s fun and free.


Apparently, there is a trolley that drives around our city and drops you off at random food shops to eat. This is the first I’ve heard of this and now I’ve decided I’ll do it. LOL. The easiest decision of my life. Not much thinking involved when it comes to food, right?

Anyway, I hope this listed has inspired you. I’m certainly stepping out of my comfort zone this summer and hoping all goes well.

Till next time beautiful people.


Deidra Craig

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