Who would of thunk vegan and gluten free cake would taste so good! Choco Bon Bon has proven me wrong. Vegan and gluten free are not so bad after all. If you’re following my IG then you know me and my friend Chi Chi made a cameo at a blogger meet and greet a few weeks back. We had the honor of chomping on some oh so delicious cake samples as well as some tasty wine, courtesy of Choco Bon Bon. I’ve been really busy connecting with some local bloggers and this event was a great way to get out there and meet some new friendly faces and exchange blogger tips and tricks. It’s really been a great summer of connecting and building relationships and I’m happy to have slowed down on travel to do so. I’m slowly accepting that I actually have a break from school and with all this free time, I’ve really been investing a lot in improving my content and connecting with like minded bloggers who are trying to grow. I’ve learned so much on this blogging journey but I’ve not arrived. There is still so much to build on and so much to do to continue to connect with my community and you, my readers. I do this because it’s an amazing outlet to let out my creative and it is a great way to help others. This blog means so much to me, and creating quality content that resonates with my readers is number one in my book. Enough chatting about that…..keep reading for deets on these amazing pics and deets on Choco Bon Bon.

Chi Chi is so focused and wondering how something so tasty could be eggless, LOL. This pic truly makes me smile.




Many of you know I’m an influencer with Purcado. For those who don’t know, check out my Purcado blogpost here. Anyway, at this blogger meet and greet, I was able to connect with another Purcado influencer, Anna Haddock, writer of The Coffee Table blog. She is as sweet as pie and we had the greatest convo just talking about school, blogging and life in general. Her boyfriend, @samuelholt is the amazing photographer behind these pics and I’m officially obsessed with every single one of them. You should check him out on IG @samuelholt and book a photo session with him. He’s freaking talented! After much chatting and wine sipping, we had an impromptu photoshoot with the cutest little cake samples. Thanks to Valerie, the petite beauty and writer of the minimamablog for organizing this amazing cake sampling event. For those with a sweet tooth, I highly suggest checking out Choco Bon Bon for all your cake and sweet tooth needs. They have a little something for everyone and the cake is mouth watering.

P.S. This is the best wash n go I’ve had all summer. I’ve been dealing with some serious dryness these past few months and no conditioner is fixing it but I’m excited about this new partnership opportunity I’ve made with a hair company. Hoping their hair products can tame this mop top. More deets on this to come. Stay tuned.


Deidra Marie

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