I often get asked about how to make an outfit look more “put together”. I call it elevating. Sometimes, all you need is a simple piece or two to take your outfit from bland to glam. I don’t try to hard to style myself, but when I’m going into the office Monday through Friday, I try to make sure my more casual pieces are dressed up and you can do this in so many different ways. Keep reading for my 5 ways to elevate a casual outfit. Some of what I share may be helpful for your office attire too so keep reading lovely……

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I’m no stranger to a blazer or jacket. This is the number one elevating piece for me. When I have a boring button up top or a basic tank, I always layer with a cute blazer or jacket to take my outfit to the next level. It’s really the simplest way to look chic and get you out the door quickly. If you’re feeling funky like me, I find blazers or jackets that have character and pizazz like the one I’m wearing in the pics above. FYI, got this blazer from a thrift for $3. Best 3 bucks I’ve ever spent!

Sometimes a little bling bling can take an outfit a long way. I am good for adding a chunky cute necklace to a crisp white button up shirt and some fun matching earrings. It’s all about layering and layering with a statement necklace is a great way to elevate your simple look and express yourself.

I love head scarves in the summer. Scarves can be worn and styled in so many different ways. When it’s hot and my hair is less than impressive, I tie my scarf on my head in a headband style or a turban style. My scarfs are usually very colorful and full of fun prints, so the rest of my outfit is usually more toned down, particularly for the office. Scarves are great to wear around your neck or to decorate up a cute bag. No matter how you rock it, it’s sure to elevate your look.

This one is pretty self explanatory. I love a good statement pair of sunnies because they can really transform a look and they protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays. The ones I’m rocking in this post have been a fav of mine and really complete my outfits and the look I go for. Sometimes all you need is one good pair that goes with every outfit in your closet and you’re set.

Once upon time I couldn’t imagine outfits with belts but now I can’t get enough of them. One great thing about belts is it can fix many fit issues. For example, I own a handful of boxy dresses, I usually belt them around my waist to give my frame more of an hourglass look. Belts always make a good pair of jeans great too. I love slipping a brown or cognac belt into my jeans and tucking in my shirt to show it off. For whatever reason it gives a nice sleek feel to your look and can elongate your legs. Pants with belt loops not being used can be a little weird looking, so a belt is that finishing touch on an outfit and elevates like no other accessory.

Glad I could share these staples for elevating a look. If you don’t already have these pieces in your closet, I suggest getting a few to push your look to the next level. With these pieces in my closet, I think less about my looks and I’m out the door in no time. Hope this helps!


Deidra Marie

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