I know you just love these pictures of me pretending there is a beach in sight, LOL. We are literally almost in July and I have yet to see a beach so when in beachless, found the nearest water attraction and take pics near it and pretend there is sand close by. Nah, just kidding, we were in Charlotte this past weekend and I just had to get some shots of this darling dress I grabbed on sale from Target. Today, I’ll be sharing some of the stores I’ll be shopping this summer that are not thrift. While most of shopping is thrifted shopping, every now and then I’ll buy something from an online store I like or pop in at a shopping center or mall and grab a few items that I like, so heres where I’m shopping and why, keep scrolling to the bottom for my list!















Duh, they have some of the cutest, reasonably priced summer slides I’ve seen. If you’ve been following me on IG or Snapchat you’ve seen my green slides. Nabbed those from Target for 12 bucks, no lie! Their summer collection of clothing is also AMAZING too. I’m also totally digging their summer dresses. The one I’m wearing in these pics was just 13 bucks #winning.

This store has some of the best denim pieces EVER. I currently have my eye on this denim button up jumper dress. I want it so bad but I’m just waiting for a big sale so it won’t be so pricey. If you’re on the hunt for some good quality denim, Gap is where it’s at. I have denim from there from like 8 years ago that’s still going strong, no seriously!

I’m no stranger to this store. They always have the cutest summer skirts and dresses. Another thing I like about this place is that they have some of the best deals. They always have a promotion going on and I ain’t mad at them.

Okay, so clearly this is no surprise. I’ve been a member of this store since 2006. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their shoes so much. We are a DSW family and can’t get enough of this store. The deals are great and they have a little something something for everybody. I must say, I love their summer shoe collection this year too. If I were you, I’d check them out!

While I hate sifting through apparel at these two stores, I find it’s worth it at the end when I find something super cute that I know will be over priced somewhere else. I often go in these stores for home decor stuff too. The deals are unmatched and the pieces you can buy in these two stores are reasonably priced.

For the most part, I shop online, but the stores above I shop occasionally and highly recommend if you’re not into online shopping or if you are just looking to pop your head in and see if there is anything good.

Hope you like my list.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie

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