It’s been an amazing first week back on the mainland. I have so many amazing Hawaii post to share with you. Because I have a wealth of content on the way, I’ll be posting two times a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) for the next few weeks so that memory doesn’t become complete mush from all my Hawaii adventures. Monday’s I’ll have my #OOTD post and mid-week I’ll share about Hawaii. Does that sound like a deal? Awesome, so glad you’re all on board, because I have so much to tell you!

If you keep up with my IG and Facebook page, you’ll notice, I dedicate 1 weekly post to one of my favorite collaborations with Oui Fresh. They are seriously an amazing beauty brand that I’ve been rolling with for almost half a year now. I get this pretty freaking awesome beauty box 1-2 times a month with all these amazing goodies in it from hair conditioner to shampoo, to deodorant to essential oils, you name it, I got it. I haven’t really dedicated any time to talking about the products and how much I love them, so I thought I’d share a bit about the lip glosses this week and circle back around in the coming weeks and feature some of the other amazing beauty box finds I have in my possession.




Keep scrolling and check out this colorful look on the way down. My outfits just keep getting weirder and weirder and I love it.

Shirt | Dress | Boots | Hat

So Oui Fresh has great selection of lip glosses on deck. You can search them all here. What I love most is that their all great colors that match with just about anything, made with all natural ingredients and they are super moisturizing! I’m not ashamed to say I’m running out the Sabrina lip gloss featured in this post. It’s by far my fav shade and I basically wear it everyday. I have a couple more go to’s like the lava lamp and Buffy, you may have seen me sporting them on IG in some past post. Anyway, when you get some time, swing by the Oui Fresh website and check out their beauty boxes and don’t forget to subscribe to get them every month. I swear, it’s totally worth a look. Oh, before I go, link to my look is above the sweater is from a few years back and the hat is thrifted so I just linked some similar items for your shopping pleasure. By the way, if you’re wanting an explanation for this outfit mash-up just know that I was feeling a little 90’s grudge, but still kept it extra colorful.

See you all back here on Wednesday with a Hawaii post.


Deidra Marie

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