I’ll keep it quick since I’m on the go these days, LOL. I don’t have as much time to spend on my hair with pageant queen duties, wife life, grad school, full-time job, and Game of Thrones, LOL. By the way, has anyone been watching lately. So disappointed the last season is ONLY 6 episodes, now what the heck am I supposed to do with my free time. Not that I have any free time, LOL.

In other news, a few moisturizing hairs tips that are quick and get you out the door faster.


Every few days I spritz my hair with a little home mixture of equal parts avocado oil and water. This expands my hair strands, gives my fro that kinky frizzy look and gets me out the door real quick. Much faster than deep conditioning if you ask me.


Around the last few days of my wash and go, at night, I usually, spritz a bit of water and add a creamy leave in condish to my edges and glaze a bit over the length of my hair as well. I put my black satin scarf on and in the morning my edges are laid and I swoop my hair in a big curly puff. The puff is my go to for old hair and when I have no time to wash. The leave in conditioner and water is great for a quick moisture boost.


I know, I know, many of us naturals have heard this time and time again that oil is not a moisturizer and this is true, but to maintain curl definition and avoid extra frizzy, I add a thin layer of thick oil (Apricot, Avocado, Olive) to the hair to make it appear moisturized. This is also good if you’re just doing it for the day and plan to wash your hair soon because then it just acts a pre-poo, so I guess it’s not all that bad after all.

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Lately, I’ve been using the Botanical Bliss Caribbean Moisturizing Hair Lotion to get me out the door. I apply it to each individual curl, mostly the front where the curls get real frizzy after a few days. With the product in my fingers, I finger coil a dime size amount to help get the curl definition back and maintain my old style.

Hope these tips are helpful.

Till next time.


Deidra Craig

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