I went to a conference about two weeks and met the amazing Dr. Nancy Doyle, psychologist on the A&E show The Employables. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching. It’s an amazing reality show that brings awareness to neurodiversity and how people with different minds cope in workforce. It also highlight the various lives of people with different minds that have struggles getting employment. Okay, just had to explain that before sharing how this even relates to Target and why I’m so grateful we have here in these United States of America. So, Dr. Doyle is from England and she informed of some extremely devastating news, wait for it…..okay, England has no Target. I bought passed out when she said these horrid words to me. They legit have no Target. She wanted me to take her shopping since she was only in the US for 2 days. She fell in love with my denim jumpsuit and asked if I could take her to Target for a shopping spree. Unfortunately, I had left the conference early and didn’t get a chance to shop around with her. She did; however, make a Target run with another friend and ended up spending some coins on the cutest clothes because all Americans know you can never walk into a Target and leave empty handed, LOL. 😂

Target is the most amazing place to get clothes! I’ve been shopping Target for years and they never disappoint. Matter of fact, the cute purple shoes and green pants featured in this post are from, you guessed it, TARGET!

You should wait for Target items to go to 30%, 50% and even 70% off. My purple shoes were $6.00 because I waited. They have the best clothing sales and you can get your grocery shopping and home decor shopping done all at the same time. If you go to Target and shop, my friend, you’re #winning. Currently digging the Wild Fable and A New Day clothing lines. They have super practical items for work and play and they are lines that are pretty inclusive when it comes to sizing. Anyway, just sharing my love for Target on this post as most of the item I’m rocking are from here.

Tell me, do you have a Target where you’re at? What are your most loved items from Target? Drop your answers in the comment box, would love to hear from you.

Keep scrolling to see me style and profile in my Target pants and shoes.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie

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