Okay, this is so weird but, I love/hate the outdoors. Which really just means if I’m outdoors, I have to be doing something to enjoy it; something that occupies my time and makes me forget that bugs, and snakes could be lurking around the corner. FYI, for those who don’t know, I’m deathly afraid of snakes, long story for another time or for a  long coffee date. Speaking of the outdoors, I’d love to share 5 of my favorite things to do outdoors when I am outdoors. So here goes nothing….


I LOVE LOVE LOVE hiking. Mostly because I get my steps in on my Apple Watch and watching that exercise and move ring number go up is exciting and motivating. Hiking helps me clear my head, and focuses me and gets my creative juices flowing. My best ideas are literally a result of long hikes.


Biking is one of the best leg workouts. Although I have to admit, these days it’s been a little too hot to bike outside, so I’ve taken up a cycling class at my local gym and go about 1-2 times a week. I’m always so surprised when I just instantly remember how to ride a bike since as a kid it was one of the hardest things for me to catch onto, LOL.


Okay, confession, so haven’t done this in a ages, but a good run on the beach is amazeballs. I love running, but running on sand gives you so much more resistance and helps you strengthening your legs like no other. Also, in NC, it is THE BEST VIEW EVER. We have some pretty beautiful beaches if I do say so myself. #nobraggingjustspeakingfacts


Hubby works for Parks and Recreation and one of our favorite past times is using the park and recreation centers in our neighborhood to get in a few games of tennis. Although since I’ve amped up my workout sessions at the gym, I haven’t really played tennis with him much. His kid cousin is staying with us for the summer, so he’s adopted a new tennis partner. I’m good with it, it’s too hot outside for tennis, but I imagine once it cools off and fall comes rolling in and the kid cousin moves back on campus for school, he’ll come begging for me to be his tennis partner again, LOL.


Okay, this is so random, but when I want a quick workout I YouTube high intensity jump rope workouts and do them in the middle of the street late at night. Don’t worry, I’m not crazy, the street we live off of has very little traffic so I’m good and doubt I’ll get hit by a car. I make Charles do it with me because he just simply has no excuse why he shouldn’t workout. I’ve learned some pretty cool techniques with a jump rope and I love that everything I need to know can be found on YouTube, LOL. Such a millennial thing to say, but it admit it, you know I’m right, LOL.

Keep scrolling…..

So, what are your favorite outdoor activities? Do you even like the outdoors? Drop your comments below, would love to know.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie

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