Now you know the blazer is the ultimate staple in my wardrobe. It’s one of my signature style pieces and I wear one just about everyday. I think every fashionista should own a few. Why? Because they pair well with any outfit, are easy, and make even your most boring looks stylish and so put together. Today I’m dropping a list of the 5 must have blazers, enjoy!


You must have a blazer with a funky print. I have several and pair them with an all white or all black look. Sometimes, when I’m feeling extra extra, I pair my printed blazer with printed bottoms. As you know, I’m no stranger to mixing prints and colors. My advice to you would be to step out of your comfort zone and just go for it. Try different pattern mixes till something floats your boat. You’ll be surprised how much you stand out and shine.


A black blazer is a must! No doubts or questions about it, having one of these in your closet is great for interviews, toning down a crazy look and it’s great for work and church events too. It’s simple, it’s sleek, its conservative, sophisticated and screams all grown up. Get you one of these and keep it for the days you have to slay the work place with style and grace.


Like the printed blazer, having one or 2 fun bright, bold colorful blazers is a MUST. If you’ve been following along for sometime now, you know I’m famous for mixing and matching my colorful blazers with other colorful pieces in my wardrobe. This is a great way to restyle a look and play to the seasons of the year. I often pair a bright, colorful blazer with a more toned down look like all black or all white and when I’m feeling extra extra, I color block and add some bright, bold colors on the bottom to compliment my blazer. However you rock it, just know one or two colorful pieces (specifically a blazer) will help elevate your wardrobe and take your color game to the next level.



Keep scrolling, I have two more for ya!


Okay, I know I complain so much about linen being wrinkly and just by far the most annoying fabric on earth, but I’m not going lie when I say I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good linen blazer. Right now it’s scorching hot in NC and a linen blazer allows me to be chic and still stay cool in this crazy heatwave. You can still be comfortable and chic, and a linen blazer offers the best of both worlds. Just be sure to iron real well before use. Just a warning, also just personal experience. Literally walked around looking like a road map one day. #lessonlearned LOL. 😂


Not sure this look is actually trending right now, but you know me, I don’t care. Trend or no trend, if it looks good and makes me feel good, I’m for it honey. I love a good cropped blazer because they are just short enough not to steal the attention of an eye grabbing bottom such as a tulle skirt or bright colored pants or distressed denim. Cropped blazers are a great layering piece for elevating a look, but still leaving time for people to really focus on the other pieces you’re wearing. I have 1 or 2 shorter blazers that I wear frequently when I really want to show off my cute skirts and printed pants.

Speaking of blazers, I nabbed this pretty teal and purple one while in VA a few weeks back. Check this, I paid $3 for it. No lie. I love thrifting, I always feel like I’m winning and so is the thrift store. One more thing before I go, I mixed my OuiFresh lippies for this post and you can shop both amazing lippies here and here. Enjoy!


Deidra Marie

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