Lately I’ve been throwing pieces together that don’t make sense and I love it. I love the mix of old and new clothing pieces and I also love the idea of wearing an outfit that looks like I’m going to work but also looks like I’m going for a run or out for date night. This outfit has a little bit of everything and that’s the vibe I’ve been on all summer; wear outfits that are fit for any occasion. That being said, here are a few tips for mixing and matching outfits that can be appropriate for multiple occasions.


You have to trust your mixing and matching skills. Most of my bravery comes from color blocking outfits. I’m not afraid to mix colors and patterns. In fact, it’s all I really know how to do because I do it so much. Trust your styling skills and just go for it. Sometimes the oddest outfits are the ones that really help you express yourself and how you’re feeling. Clothing and fashion is art, and sometimes art is not suppose to make sense, it’s suppose to challenge the popular vote and break down systems that would other wise keep us silent. Be brave and use your clothes to make a statement in a world where sometimes your voice is hard to be heard. In other words, let the clothes speak for you.


I love the juxtaposition of street style and dainty femme wear. It’s like saying I’m hardcore, but can still be soft, delicate and feminine if need be. I do this often by pairing pant suits with sneakers and very dainty earrings like the dope ones I’m wearing for this blogpost by Tenel Veenre Jewelry. You should check out their site by the way. They have some of the most colorful fun ear berries that can really take your look to it’s next level. I’m rocking the Wild Bananas with this look. Yup, they are called ear berries, cute huh?

Keep scrolling for more tips…


I love to mix pieces from different seasons. I’m not talking jean skirts and Ugg boots, LOL. It’s kind of weird, but if done correctly, your outfits can really make all the sense in the world. For example, a cute floral maxi dress with booties. Maxi dresses are clearly a summer look and booties are clearly a fall/winter item, but when paired together, they make and awesome transition outfit into fall and winter. Don’t believe me, here’s the proof.


You may have heard me say this before on a blogpost or two and I can’t stress it enough that blazers are the ultimate clothing item to take outfits from daywear to night. Blazers elevate an outfit and can tone an outfit down too. All you need are a few to complete a good transition look. Need I say more?

By the way, dope sunnies by Sojos Vision. Peep my last post for all the deets on this awesome company and get you a pair.

Till next time good people.


Deidra Marie

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