All the Purty things on the blog today. Sometimes I keep it casual and other times I do it dressy casual or what I like to call casual chic. One thing I pride myself on is making casual look cool and really freaking put together. Saturdays are usually the days I try to make my tee’s look super fashionable since I have more time to really think about my look and the vibe I’m feeling for the day. I have a formula to this: SUNNIES+EARRINGS+BOLD LIP+METALLIC SHOES+COOL DENIM=Casual Chic.

Ya see, it’s not rocket science. I strongly believe that with this formula you can’t go wrong. All a good tee needs is some love from their good ole friends accessories and bam, you have something that can take you from day to night just like that. I’m currently digging the new tee’s from Purty and they have some of the best new accessories inventory to take your tee to the next level, I’m purty sure of it, LOL 😂

Loving my very Purty pieces? Well you can Shop my Purty tee here and if you’re so loving my dangly printed earrings, you can shop those babies here or here in another color.

Here’s to making casual the new chic.

Till next time good people.


Deidra Marie


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