A Colorful Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re anything like me then you know gifting ain’t easy. There is really an art to it if you ask me. This year has been a year of buying gifts for people I really don’t know all that well. It’s been interesting trying to navigate that. I try my very hardest to be a thoughtful giver and really want to make sure what I’m buying for others is useful and hopefully meets a need. I know that can come off a bit idealistic, but that’s how I am. I hate buying random things for people just cause it’s the holidays. On that note, I find something colorful always lights up a persons day.

Also, if you’re anything like me, then you like to keep things colorful, so I’m stepping away from your average gifting guide and sharing a colorful gifting guide and some of my fave places to shop for fun, colorful gifts this season. So here it goes….

If you’ve been following along on my IG lately then you may have seen my post with the hot pink sweatsuit. It came as a 3 piece set with hot pink sweat pants, hoodie and a powder pink tank top. I love this set a lot because it’s cozy, warm on the inside and super comfortable. Comfort is really all I care about being pregnant and all. What I love about this Fabletics fit is that I don’t feel like I have to compromise my personal style. This sweat suit made me feel comfortable, colorful and cute. Want these exact pieces for you or a friend? You can check it out here.

Daisy Dunes Store is another place where you can find some really cute, unique colorful pieces for the holidays. I’ve partnered with Daisy Dunes Store this holiday season and will be offering 25% off your Daisy Dune purchase when you use code: Deidra25 at checkout. I’ve listed below a few of my faves you can shop, including the necklace I’m wearing in the pic above which is currently on sale! I think all of these fun colorful items would be great gifts for this holiday season for any loved one.

Macrame Tassel Earrings (This is a fair trade item)

Loving my gift suggestions from Daisy Dune? Be sure to check out the whole store at: https://shopdaisydunes.com/?rfsn=6209326.833667e

One more thing, before you move on to the next fun colorful gift. I’m hosting a Daisy Dune $20 gift card giveaway on my IG page. The giveaway starts TODAY! Read below for all the deets:

To qualify for this giveaway:

  1. Follow @daisydunesstore and @sincerelydeidra on IG.
  2. Comment on my IG giveaway posts what product is your fave.

Giveaway winner will be announced on Sunday, December 10, 2022.

Sequin is my go to for any holiday party and colorful sequin is the ultimate win. I found the most darling purple sequin dress at Walmart.com by Scoop. I wore this for our annual family holiday photos and I felt like a princess. The dress is super comfortable and I love the purple color and was almost tempted to buy the exact same dress in the green, but decided I’d hold off. As far as gifting goes, this item actually comes in both green and purple and they have the exact same dress in green and purple for kids 4T and up. All that said, this would be a great buy for a mommy and me shoot or just for a fun holiday or new year’s night out on the town.

Now you know I can’t do a gifting guide without doing something for the special man or men in your life. I found this really affordable and colorful men’s total face care kit by Harry’s. The packaging is colorful colorful and very holiday appropriate and comes in a deluxe kit as well. Click here to shop this item and more.

An last, but certainly not least, I found a super fun and colorful magnetic blocks kit at Target for my 2 year old daughter, Charlee. She loves putting things together and she is totally obsessed with colors just like her momma, so I found the perfect kit at Target and an even more affordable colorful kit on Amazon.com. Amazon has a few different affordable options, but the one I’m loving the most you can find here. Also, here’s the link to the Target set.

I hope these colorful gifting finds are helpful. Color can bring so much joy to you or a loved ones life. Why not express your love for color through gifting.

Happy holidays!

Till next time.

Sincerely Deidra

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