Hi Friends! I can’t believe we’re almost at the finish line with this pregnancy. We’re approximately 2 days away from baby’s arrival and I couldn’t be more relieved. This has been a crazy ride that I’m grateful is almost to an end. This pregnancy was significantly more challenging than my first, so to say I’m relieved it is coming to an end is an understatement. All that said, it’s been a complication free pregnancy with just some overall discomfort from carrying what I think will be a very big baby, but I’m excited for Charlee to meet her little brother and can’t wait to be a family of 4.

Anyway, at 38 weeks I managed to muster up enough energy to finally get some maternity photos done. Big shoutout to my wonderful husband for capturing these beautiful shots below. Honestly, this is the best I’ve felt this whole pregnancy. It really does make a difference to put on some make-up and get all dolled up. When you look good, I supposed you feel good too. I’m going to attempt to keep this same mindset once baby arrives because it really was a major mood booster for me and made me feel somewhat like myself, which as many of you moms out there may know, feeling like yourself during and after pregnancy can sometimes be challenging.

So, I’m writing this and am in the latter part of my 39th week of pregnancy. Overall, I’m feeling confident and ready to bring another beautiful life into the world. I’m fresh off of my Mother’s Day high and looking forward to momming with 2 under 2. I can’t say I’m 100% prepared for this, but what I will say is that I’m confident in myself and my husbands abilities to keep a kiddo alive and at this point, that’s all that really matters, I think the rest just comes later and you keep doing the best you can with the resources and help that you have. There was a moment or several moments in the beginning of my mom journey where things just started to click, taking care of Charlee got easier, routines were set, I was getting sleep and therapy and working out consistently and finally started feeling like myself and less naive about parenting. I suspect I’ll get there again with 2 in tow. In the meantime, I’ve decided to lean into this new lifestyle and embrace all the good, bad and ugly that comes my way. So that’s my pregnancy update for you. Not much else to report until the tiny human gets here. I’ll keep you posted on little man’s arrival. In the meantime, check out a few more of my maternity photos. Enjoy.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie

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