Retro Shades
Sun and smiles
Chartreuse sweater
Work miniskirt
Leg pop.
Pretty sure there were video cameras all over this parking lot 🙂
Sunny with a chance of shades
Glam on these streets
My one way walk
Studded Satchel
I was feeling rocker girl sassy this weekend and wanted to bust out my favorite black shades and miniskirt while the weather was warm. I topped it off with a black studded satchel, glitzy earrings and black bootie. Can you tell I’m ready for spring? NC has been experiencing some odd weather lately; from below freezing sleet and hale to tornadoes and the perfect 72 degree Sundays, I’m literally all confused about attire. I shall wear a bikini top, sweatpants, one sandal and a Ugg boot for my next weeks outfit; that way I’ll be prepared for whatever. LOL, just kidding.
In other news, there will be a February 29th this year! Ah leap year, so happy for those who get to celebrate their birthday on the 29th. People born on this day are the real MVP’s; them and those who let me borrow their Netflix account info for date night. 🙂
Wishing everyone a happy week!
Till next time.
Deidra Marie
Chartreuse Sweater- Talbots
Black Wool Skirt-TJ Maxx
Studded Satchel- Charlotte Russe
Black Suede Booties-Charlotte Russe

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