It’s all about the details! I enjoy putting colorful pieces together. I snagged this earring and bracelet set on a cruise to the Caribbeans in December because it was colorful and I knew I could wear it with just about anything. The necklace is a bit busy and you’ve probably seen it in a few of my previous post but the earrings and bracelet are my “go to” for solid colored pieces like the green dress I wore. I’ve purchased some pretty obnoxious accessories in my day and I say with complete confidence that these earrings and matching bracelet are by far the most practical pieces I own. Typically, if it’s not unusual or seems to be ordinary to the eye then I’m not purchasing. Like many things in my life, I like to go left and that does not exclude my taste in clothes and accessories. I  everything and anything bright, bold, shiny and unique. I have a bit of an obsession with color.
Charles captured some great shots of my precious pebbles over the weekend. Although I must admit, I can’t for the life of me figure out where the heck those earrings are now. LOL. I’m sure they’ll turn up when I least expect it.
As far as the hair situation is concerned, it may look like my curls are put together but this hairstyle is the result of a huge experimentation gone completely wrong with products that didn’t exactly love my hair. It was meant to be a wash n go but halfway through the styling process the leave-in conditioner started to make my hair feel dry and stiff, so I just twisted it up, used some perm rods on the ends and voila! I got a mix of stringy curls and big springy curls as well. I will definitely not try this style again as it doesn’t work for the multiple textures I have going on. As far as the products are concerned, I will consider this purchase a lose and donate them to a friend. My hair is wavy and loose in the front and extremely coily and curly in the back so I have to be strategic conditioners and twists and braid placement or the curls in the front will be over stretched and look very stringy. It’s a struggle to deal with multiple textures but it has it’s perks sometimes I guess.
In my 7 years of being natural, I’m still constantly changing, refining and tweaking my hair routine. I believe you will always have to adjust your routine to fit the needs of your hair for that time. That being said, I am a bit of product junkie, but I do have some products that I consider staples and keep in constant rotation. I’ll do a product review soon on the products I used to achieve this look and share my all time fav products that have never failed me.
Till next time.
Deidra Marie
Earrings and Necklace-Precious Expressions
Dress-New York and Company


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