It’s the last year of my 20’s and I have never felt more amazing and more alive! 29 will be AWESOME! It’s early but I’ve already received Happy Birthday phone calls and social media messages and texts from so many loved ones, family, friends and associates. My heart is warmed with love, heck even my Mac computer woke me up and said Happy Birthday. 
I’d like to say that I’ve heard so many negative things about turning 29, that 29 was an age that did not sit well with many people. People have told me they’ve felt that at 29 they had not reached the pinnacle in their career, or that they thought they’d be married with kids in a white house with a cute fence and rose garden or that they simply felt like they didn’t have their life together. Maybe all of that’s true; maybe your not in your dream job, maybe you don’t have children yet, maybe you still haven’t found yourself, maybe you haven’t found the love of your life- so what! This is your journey, your life and the beauty of this is that it won’t be like anyone Else’s. 
You are uniquely set apart and cannot travel the same path as anyone else. I’m the first to say I’m not where I want to be in life or I’m not where I imagined I should be but WHO CARES. I will continue to let God order my steps because if I do it my way I will make a royal mess of it all. Trust me,we are all just trying to figure it out and if your not wandering trying to figure it out then your simply comfortable and comfortable is BORING! Now that doesn’t mean I want to spend life questioning what’s next, it just means I don’t want to spend my life worried all the time. I don’t want to spend my life manipulating things to reach a goal that was never really mine to begin with. I don’t want anything that is not destine for me. I just go with the flow. 29 is the year of flow. I just let it ride and can’t wait to see what the ends going to be. I’m no stranger to surprises so this is easy peezy.
For all my late 20’s and 30 somethings out there: Let if flow!
Thanks for all the birthday love. Now off I go to make this day absolutely awesome and every other day of 29 awesome too! 🙂
Deidra Marie 

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