Wine and Design
Cary, NC
Cool wine bottles with Christmas lights
Ready to paint
But first, let me take a selfie
And one more selfie for good luck
Humble beginnings 
Pink and black
Black brush strokes
Colorful paints
Painting the body
Me stressing
Sister love
Finally complete
Danny’s painting 
The finished product
And here I thought the birthday festivities were complete but my sister Danny took me to my first wine and design party. We decided to design and not wine because we both had work in the morning. I must say, for my first time painting, I’m surprised at how Oscar turned out. Yes, I named the elephant Oscar, I name everything Oscar though. Don’t ask. Anyhow, this was not your average wine and design session, there were a group of girls who attended to celebrate their friends birthday and lets just say they did more wining than designing. The birthday girl placed her brand new party clothes on a counter top near some candles and all of her clothes set on fire. Thankfully, a young gentleman sitting close to the counter top was able to put the fire out in time but all of her brand new clothes were ruined. I suggest designing then wining if you decide to participate in an activity like this. It was a good laugh to say the least.

It was awesome getting to spend time with my sister. We both work so much so it’s rare we have time to just hang out, relax and catch up. I realized though that painting is not therapeutic for me. I was stressed! I mean literally stressing out because I wanted to stay in the lines and mix my colors correctly. I relaxed after the painting was complete and I was semi satisfied with the results. Apparently I’m a perfectionist, never thought of myself as such until I started painting but me and Danny plan on attending again and I plan on chilling out and just letting the brush strokes flow. I probably won’t unless we wine as well. Now I understand why you must wine while you design because people tend to over work their paintings and are stressed trying to make sure it’s perfect.

Nevertheless,the instructors were great and we got to meet some pretty cool people. This was a great way to complete my birthday! I suggest everyone attend a wine and design and set their clothes on fire.

If your in the area, please check out Wine and Design:

483 James Jackson Ave
Cary, NC

Till next time.


Deidra Marie

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