Post Show

Got a free book…well they were all free 🙂
Let me tell ya bout my best friend
Random building art
Then we got crazy
But then got cute for a sec…
City Lights
Hannah rocked out…by herself 🙂
Duke Energy Building
Street lights on, time to go home.
I swag…
And surf…
And then Hannah dropped the mic and walked away from them haters like…
This weekend was full of interesting events but of course I began it with a visit to the Downtown Raleigh Ballet. My mom won complimentary tickets to a showing of Tempest Fantasy.Mom couldn’t go so she passed them tickets right along to me. I’m huge fan of Shakespeare so I was out of this world excited about seeing the show. And who better to tag along for the adventure than my girlie Hannah! It was Hannah’s first ballet so naturally she was super cheesy excited about it. I was casual about the whole thing, cool, calm, collected….uh no…lol…I was super excited to but played it cool. LOL.  Aside from the hot guys in tights, I must say I was surrounded by some serious talent. I’d like to get in tip top shape like that one day so I can wear over sized tutu’s and glide across the stage like a swan. Ah the random things I desire. HA! Unfortunately, I love tacos to much so I’ll settle for sweatpants and a slow waddle across the stage. HA! 

Isn’t Hannah just a bundle of petite cuteness.:) I had a blast snapping pics in the middle of the street and seeing the ballet dancers do multiple pirouettes without getting dizzy. Only in Raleigh can you stand in the middle of the street and cars politely wait as you snap pics for Instagram. Try that in NY and you might get ran over.

Till next time!


Deidra Marie

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