Colorful walls of Mexico
The essential sunnies 
Sun Rays
I soaked up some sun rays too
Then the sun left
All smiles, no sun
Sun came back again
Colorful landscape
Charlie was excited about the plants
Beautiful landscape
Beautiful pinks and greens 
Smile Charlie
Bridge love
In the new city 
Sunny days
Hospital grounds
Parking lot 
Downtown restaurants
Almost to the water
Hey Dee, look back!
And we out
Our first day in Cozumel and all Charlie wanted to do was look at colorful plant life. Mexico is vibrant, colorful and full of life. I have way to many pictures to cram into one post so I’ve started with  a few shots of the colorful walls near the port and pictures of the new city and some of the old city. Cozumel is loaded with tourist activities from jet skiing, to snorkeling and para sailing. As with any tourist spot, the locals are there to keep you entertained, but I’m easily amused so I chose to walk around the city and take my own tour. Charles and I just decided to get lost in the city, snap cool pics and open up our hearts and minds to be inspired by how the locals live. Far far away from the tourist hot spots, we passed by a lot of abandoned buildings and businesses and ended up  wandering off onto random streets where locals were conversing and going about their day to day duties. It was all to much to take in just one day but walking the city streets helped me feel more involved in the city. My goal was to connect, and while I can never truly connect in the way a local does, I was able to bring home visuals, smells and memories of a city unlike my own. We finally made it to the beach about an hour or so later. I’ll post soon about our beach adventure.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie 

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