Made it to a service
Church and Charlie
Church Service
One of the local kids and his grandmother
Beautiful gazebo
Charles and our tour guide Pepe
Mr. Sanchos
Finally made it!
Beautiful resort 
Charlie and the ocean
Soaking up some sun 
Beach bum
Found someone to snap a shot or two
Love him
Mr. Sandman 
Beach side Swag
Make it rain
Playing with the water
Pour it up

Thank you Mr. Sancho’s
This was literally our first Easter away from home and away from our home church. It felt kind of weird but fortunately we were able to attend a church service in the city of Cozumel. Our tour guide, Pepe, showed us around the city and halfway through the tour Charles spotted a beautiful yellow church on the corner. Come to find out, Pepe attends this church so needless to say Charlie was interested. Talk about being in the right place at the right time; we showed up in the middle of service and stayed for a bit of the message from the priest and prayer. It was definitely an experience listening to a sermon in all Spanish. Kinda wishing I’d listened to my Spanish teacher in high school. I caught a couple words here and there. Thankfully, Pepe was there to translate. Halfway through the service we decided to snap some shots on the outside of the church and a little boy started having a temper tantrum in the middle of service. His grandmother was pretty upset and snatched out his seat and escorted him out the church speaking in Spanish very loud. Talk about eventful. 

After hanging around for a bit of the church service, we headed to Mr. Sancho’s beach. One of the few free entry beaches on the island. I must say, Cozumel is beautiful and very rich in history. Mr. Sancho’s beach was a bit further out from the port but well worth the drive. On the way, Pepe was giving us some history lessons on Cozumel and pointed out a few statues, properties and monuments. The beach resort was absolutely beautiful. Charlie and I just played in the water like little kids, dabbled in the sand and just soaked up some good sun rays. I so didn’t want the day to end but like any dream, you have to wake up eventually.  All in all, it was a great Easter Day and now I can live to say I spent Resurrection day chilling beach side. 

Pepe had tons to show us on our Cozumel tour. Stay tuned for more city pics.

Till next time.


Deidra Marie 

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