Donut kisses at Hynotic Donuts and Biscuits
Yummy snack
Donut with bacon 
My espresso donut
Picture of a picture of a picture
Cam love
My cold brew coffee
Giant man and birdie
Stomping all over the city
Kali’s focused
Picture of Darryl taking a picture
Leg pop
All smiles

The infamous knapsack
Awesome socks!
Sunnies when it’s sunny
Creative minds
Yep, I’m hungry again LOL
I saw the sun
Let me tell ya bout my best friend
and love

The creative masters
Adorable couple
Just #coolin
Time to get down
Twerk it out
These pictures are perfect visuals of what happens when 3 creative minds come together:we eat massive amounts of fried dough, chug down way to much black coffee and have an impromptu photo shoot in the downtown area while twerking to no music. Yep, that my friends is my idea of a good darn time! 

You are probably wondering who the girl with the locs is. Well,the lovely lady in plaid is one of my bestest friends and old college roomie, Kali. It’s pretty evident we still get down like we are in college; FYI-this was us being chill; downtown wasn’t ready for our turn-up. The handsome gentleman in the red would be her oh so creative husband, Darryl. They are the ultimate couple and definitely the best tour guides I’ve ever had. I didn’t spend a penny hanging out with them! Well, I bought one tasty coffee donut and the strongest cup of coffee brew known to mankind; this is not Starbucks ladies and gentlemen, I’m on that new new. They are both big foodies like me, so naturally, we stopped at a cute little donut biscuit shop called Hypnotic Donuts and Biscuits and had some good food, conversation, and of course we took some amazing food shots. I’m a big supporter of small businesses and will gladly purchase at any mom and pop coffee shop as I secretly want to own my own coffee shop one day. 

I really appreciate little shops like this because the food is usually unpredictable, eclectic and can feel like home. As you can see, there was a donut with a fresh bacon strip on top, who comes up with this stuff? LOL, God protect my arteries. Any who, we stayed at Hypnotic till they kicked us out and then we made our way to Deep Ellum, sort of a hipster type scene around Dallas. This place was right down my alley with all it’s random shops, multicolored walls and a ginormous metal figure. Only wishing I stayed a little longer;pretty sure it’s impossible to cover all this ground in one afternoon. We just found this random wall that looked like a sun and my friends went to snapping pics and one thing led to another and bam, we created magic. They radiate talent guys! We did a little talking, did a little dancing, took some pics, danced some more and talked about eating food again LOL. Yep, I said it, we were hungry two hours later. 

All in all, I had myself a good ol time. It wasn’t enough time, but it’s never enough when your having fun is it? I want to give the biggest shout out to Kali and Darryl not only for showing me around their city but for snapping some amazing shots of me. They are an awesome duo to collaborate with! 

If you are on the hunt for a great photographer, please check out Darryl and Kali Smith of Rhedeont Photography at http://www.rhedeontphoto.com/ . They can and will travel your way for any type of photo shoot you desire.

Thanks for stopping by!


Deidra Marie 
White boho flowy blouse-TJ Maxx, Golden Sunnies-Thrifted, Dark Wash Flare Denim-Loft, Cognac Block heels-Crown Vintage

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