Today on the brew I’m sipping on a oh so tasty iced hazelnut latte from Starbucks and discussing the 5 Reasons you shouldn’t go natural. It seems a revolution has started, and more and more women are embracing their hair and wearing it in it’s natural state. Matter of fact, the other day one of my good friends from church called me and asked me to log onto Facebook and there it was, a selfie of her with a new hair cut; cute little tendril curls poking out all over her head. I wrote this article a few years back and wanted to repost as I thought is was a great topic to reflect on with the ever changing styles and trends. I believe the media has taking an unusual but amazing turn for the better in providing images of women wearing their hair in it’s natural state, even providing images of women all shapes and body types. My only hope is that this trend continues as I want my child to be able to grow up in a society accepting of all types of beauty. That being said-check out my repost.

Thinking about going natural? Read this before you make a choice….

1.  Lack of patience 

Most of the process in going natural requires patience. Patience in waiting for your hair to grow out naturally, patience with detangling, styling etc… Some people think they can wash their hair and go, but for many textures, it requires more than a spritz of water to tame hair, and maintain healthy hair. Patience is key. Good things come to those who wait.

2. You worry to much about what others think

Going natural can be a difficult change not only for you but for your family, friends, boyfriend or husband and one may tend to worry about how their hair will look and whether others will be accepting of it in its natural state. If your consumed with how others view your hair and new look then your journey and transition is worth nothing. First things first, you make this decision to go natural for you and nobody else. Concerning yourself with how others feel may bring on feelings of doubt and in the end may force you to revert back to chemically processed hair. The natural hair journey begins with being true to yourself, not to your family, friends or boyfriend. So what if they don’t accept your natural hair. Ask yourself and ask them, are they washing it, detangling it, buying the necessary styling products for it, if not, they should probably keep their mouths shut and mind their own business. The decision you make to go natural is yours, not theirs!

3. Addicted to the creamy crack

You like how silky, shiny and straight your hair comes out with a relaxer, but you desire to stay true to yourself and go natural. If you are torn between the two, half way through your journey you may give in and visit the salon for a touch-up. The decision to go natural may not be an easy one if all you have ever known was straight hair. Support from other naturals and embracing all that is you is the first step. Remember, natural is a preference and going natural is not something you do just because other people are doing it or because it is a trend. If relaxers work for you, why change it?

4. Not willing to learn something new.

Some naturals have been getting relaxers since a very young age. This in turn leaves very little room for learning the basics of natural hair care. That being said, going natural is like going into new territory or studying abroad; you have to learn the language, customs and adapt to the culture. If your not willing to go through some trial and error sessions, you may want to stick to what you know.

5. Thinking going natural is easy.

Don’t believe the hype. Being natural and going natural is not easy. It is a process that takes time. If you were getting relaxers at a young age, you may not be familiar with how to take care of your natural strands. Natural hair requires some much needed attention and TLC, and for those people out there who think going natural is easy,  you are  mistaken! Giving in to this ridiculous myth will take you down a road of hell with your hair and may even create more problems then when your hair was chemically processed. 

Hope this helps!

Deidra Marie

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