Lunch at the Gumbo Pot

Yup, he’s hungry
Cool wall decor
Peaceful moments
Adding this to our catfish
Yummy shrimp and catfish plate
Gumbo Pot
Off to explore
We found H&M 
Colorful buildings 
Horse and carriage  
Beautiful architecture  
Colorful alleyway 
On the hunt for sweet treats
Found some yummy praline samples
Charlie in Candyland 
So much to choose from!
Yummy taffy
Sweet tooth

More pralines!

Cute pup selling art
More colorful buildings
I’ve always wanted to go to the Louisiana but never had time to make it out for a trip. On the way back from Texas we decided now was the time. We woke up early that morning and began our trip towards this magical place. We ended up in the French Quarter which is basically a city rich in history, good food, pralines and colorful vibrant buildings! We just spent a few hours walking around, taking pics and getting lost in all the businesses had to offer. We were starving so we headed on over to The Famous Gumbo Pot and had the BEST catfish and shrimp EVER! The shrimp was ginormous and oh so tasty! By far the best seafood I’ve had in a very long time. Found an H&M and purchased a darling red dress I’ll be featuring on the blog soon and continued or exploration. There was a lot of construction going on but there was music everywhere and horse and carriage rides, dancing; it was a non stop party!
Charlie was on the hunt for some chocolate chip cookies but of course Louisiana is not known for their chocolate chip cookies. Matter fact, there was not a chocolate chip cookie in sight. This place ladies and gentlemen is praline city! On every corner there is a praline shop. We stopped by every shop and sampled a gazillion pralines till we couldn’t eat no more and then made our way back to our car to hop on the road and head to Charlotte. We only spent a few hours in the French Quarter but Charlie and I vowed to come back so we could spend more time exploring as we realize a few hours just isn’t enough to take in all this beautiful place has to offer.
Till next time!
Deidra Marie

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