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Hello lovelies! Hoping you had an awesome weekend and welcome to Monday! 

For those who don’t know, I’m colored-obsessed. Colors are pretty powerful and have a way of manipulating your mood. When all else fails, I wear obnoxious neon colors and strut. I typically dress according to mood: bright colors for my happy days, darker shades of gray and black for my indifferent and occasionally sad days. It’s the easiest way to express myself and requires no thought. Someone once told me emotions and feelings cloud judgment and can get you in trouble. This may be true so instead of wearing my feelings on my sleeve, (because my shirt is sleeveless) I wear them on my feet, top, bottom, you get my drift 🙂 Forgive my cheesy humor, I get carried away sometimes. 

I was feeling neon orange and sparkly and decided to complete the look with some white ankle denim, pointy glitter flats, white sunnies and some geometric rose gold and white earrings; an interesting combo to say the least. White bottoms are the perfect way to balance out a look that already makes a serious fashion statement. I’m all about white bottoms year around and I’m not afraid to show it. White brightens up any look and is fresh, youthful and simple. Aside from my obsession with color, I’m also obsessed with the color white. In fact, I have a white room at my house that is not complete yet, saving some money up to purchase some white furniture pieces. Sounds a bit overboard but its gorgeous,trust me. If your not convinced, Google “all white rooms” and you’ll change your mind. 🙂 If your looking to simplify your look? Keep it easy breezy with some white bottoms and a solid-colored or patterned top. I usually follow this rule when I’m in a rush and need something on hand. If you haven’t already done so, purchase some white denim for the summer! It’s definitely a must have for any fashion-lover. 


Deidra Marie 

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