Car selfies
Get in formation ladies
Boho vibes
The view from down under
Concert outfit
Crazy faces
Duck face
DJ Khaled came out
But where is Bey?
Still no Bey
DJ Khaled was hype though 
Le Squad
Put your hands up
The girls

Starbucks gave me a free lemonade the next day. They were still turnt from last night.
It was my very first concert so I had no choice but to get in formation. Spent the night with one of my besties, Hannah and her girl Irene. Talk about high energy! I’m so glad I decided to make Beyonce my first choice concert. That woman can really put on a show. The anticipation was killing me, but when she finally came out I was taken aback. She is such an amazing performer that’s its unreal. 

I have heard absolutely none of her Lemonade songs so to hear them for the first time LIVE was a treat! No rain or thunder could stop this girl. She could careless about getting drenched in water. Her and her squad danced, waited for the thunder and lightening to stop and came back out and finished the show like it was nothing. And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you get in FORMATION! She stopped in the middle of the song and said “Guys this is quite beautiful” and proceeded to throw her hands out and stick her head up to catch a couple of the rain drops in her mouth. By far the best moment in the show!

We were drenched in rain water and I was freezing cold, sat in the parking lot trying to get out the stadium for about an hour but IT WAS WORTH IT! Hannah is still hype this morning. I’m running off of a few hours of sleep so after work I’m hitting the sack. Unfortunately, I was in formation but people gotta work today. I’m just saying though. 

I will definitely be going to more concerts in the future. Didn’t realize what I was missing this whole time. I’ll be off to the gym to burn off the funnel cake (powdered sugar and cinnamon topping) I scarfed down before Bey came on to perform. 

Sipping on this lemonade and praying my strength in the Lord. Gotta make it through this day!

Deidra Marie

Off the shoulder denim dress-Love Culture, Boho Dream Catcher Earrings-Charlotte Russe-Cognac peep toe platforms-Lucky Brand

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