Today I’m enjoying a tall iced black hazelnut coffee, and talking about my DIY Deva Cut. If your not familiar with the infamous Deva Cut, allow me to briefly explain. It is a special type of haircut specifically for wavy, curly, coily hair types. The technique is unique in that the cut is done on dry curls with each curl being cut individually one by one. It was designed to help create shape and balance to the hair and is recommended to those who wear their hair in curly hairstyles often.

I’ve been doing my research for awhile and have been trying to find the perfect stylist to whip my curls into shape. Raleigh has lots of hair salons, but my research was very intense as I wanted to make sure I found a stylist that could take on my multiple textures. I finally settled on a stylist in the downtown Raleigh area a few weeks ago and to my disappointment the shop is not accepting new clients. I just couldn’t wait and I was feeling a bit scissor happy so I went to YouTube and found DIY Deva Cuts. Apparently, a lot of naturals have used this technique on themselves and have experienced great results! After watching a few videos, I just went to cutting. My main issue was a lack of shape and balance in the way my hair grows out, so I wanted to focus on balancing things out for a cut with more dimension yet still clean and presentable. That being said, I decided to take off more in the back, keeping my crown long and cutting a long bang. I started on freshly washed, conditioned and detangled hair. I styled my hair in twist, unraveled the twist once they were dry and separated the curls and then proceeded to cut curl by curl. I was very careful about not cutting to much but what a difference in the shape of my hair! My hair didn’t need to much of a cut because I had a pretty defined cut back in December when I straightened my hair, but a shape up was needed and I saved a whole lot of money just doing it myself.

If your thinking about doing your own Deva Cut, I suggest watching a few videos before you begin. Watching others do it really helped me decide what kind of shape I wanted to go for and helped me point out the problem areas on my head so I could tackle them in detail. While I didn’t cut off much, I still see a significant difference in the way my hair lays when styled. It’s also easier to maintain and detangle. Do your research, assess the problem areas of your hair and then you can cut. Start off by cutting a little because once you cut it off, it’s GONE!

Happy cutting!


Deidra Marie

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