I haven’t decided what cup of coffee I will be drinking today but just know it will be tasty. 

Today on the brew, I’m giving a product review of the Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale anti-shrinkage Easy Twist Gel N’ Butter.I used this product in combination with a light hair milk and 100% raw Apricot Oil. This product was light, fluffy and went on pretty smooth. It has a nice creamy consistency and leaves no build-up. While I thought this product would elongate my curls and provide a bit of moisture because of the butter ingredients, it actually dried my curls and coils out and didn’t provide much elongation. I’m not sure if it’s because of the other products I was using or if was the fact that my hair was not damp enough for the product to be evenly distributed. My goals was to do a wash and go but because of the dryness I just twisted each section of my hair up and air dried. The touch and smell of the product is amazing but unfortunately didn’t do much for me in the moisture department.


  •  Smell amazing! I love mango’s and the combination of mango oil and bamboo is perfect. Took me back to my time in the Caribbeans. 
  • Smooth and creamy consistency
  • Amazing Slip
  • Not expensive
  • Easily accessible (Target, Walmart, Beauty Supply, Walgreens, Rite Aid)
  • Very drying, didn’t provide enough moisture, even in combiation with other moisturizing products.
  • Did not elongate my coils and curls
  • Did not provide much hold. 
I will probably give this product another chance and try it with a different combo of products and style it in a wash and go. I don’t usually give up on a product until after 3 trys. You have to give products a fair chance before tossing them or passing them on. 


Deidra Marie

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