I’m officially in love with this denim off the shoulder dress. It goes perfectly with my sunnies, but most importantly, you can pair it with literally ANYTHING! This is an essential piece for my wardrobe and shall be worn often. I kept it pretty simple in these pics by only pairing it with my blue tinted sunnies and blue and white striped espadrilles. I’ll be hauling this dress to the beach next month and packing it for some road trips as well. If your out of outfit ideas, buy a simple yet trendy dress like this and pair it with accessories that you already own and BOOM-instant glam.
I have a tendency to over think and over work my outfits so typically when that happens I just choose a simple dress and add some accessories to elevate the look. I find that over thinking your look really takes away from the fun in getting dressed and robs you of your creativity. That being said, as a general rule, I never set my clothes out the night before, I usually wake up and choose my outfit according to mood. A bit risky but my feelings may not be the same from day to day when it comes to outfits. It is very possible for me to be in a boho mood the night before and wake up feeling a bit casual in some oversized boyfriend jeans and chucks. I just never know so I wait till the day of.
Wishing you all a great week!
Deidra Marie

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