What better way to style the rest of summer than with a bright, light and airy colored dress. I was never a fan of this pale canary-yellow color but I took a chance and nabbed this dress from New York and Company on a super sale they had going on for $12! Yup, I said it! $12 ladies and gentlemen! I love a good bargain and this was a darn good bargain! Pretty sure this dress is no longer available since the sale was so amazing and dresses were flying out the door, but I highly recommend checking out their website for other sales because they always have great selections at a reduced price. I’ve linked a similar style dress above for you to check out.
I saw you checking out my lemon scarf ;). I purchased it from Talbots I say about 4 years ago. This has been the most delightful scarf to own. Never thought I’d purchase anything with food on it but this scarf was not over the top or in anyway obnoxious. I’ve worn it a few different ways but this is the first time I’ve worn it to decorate up my plain jane purse. But about this dress, I imagine myself taking a romantic picnic with the hubby in this dress but then I also imagine my skin melting off from all this NC heat! It’s just to darn hot to be picnicking, biking, runs, walking, heck breathing in this heat, LOL. All those in favor of spending the rest of summer posted near the AC with some Netflix and Hulu say “I”….yup that’s what I thought! 🙂
On another random note, I believe I love my deva cut so much that I’m going to continue doing the DIY Deva Cut. My bangs are growing back in so they will have to be chopped off again. I’m getting a little bored with my natural brown color too. I was thinking about doing some color maybe lightening the color up a bit or doing some crazy colored streaks. We’ll see. I say that i’m going to do something crazy to my hair every year and then I punk out and end up doing the same ol thing. Here’s hoping I stick to the plan for 2017.
I hope the rest of your week is amazing!
Deidra Craig

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