ColorVibe Make-up. I feel pretty, oh so pretty
Before the race
ColorVibe Pre-Party Run
Everybody put your hands up!
Love her green tutu
We party hard
My new do
Post race chillmode
Color blast
More party shenanigans
Hannah is to clean
Let the games begin
And their off
Run Run as fast as you can
Okay, let’s walk now it’s to hot for this
Made it to the finish line
Charlie is hilarious!
Covered in color
Post run chill
We made it!
Color Swag
Le Color Squad
Hannah made Charlie fetch the water
Hannah Banana
Water searching
Flavored ice
On the water search Charlie ran into his frat brother
Color angels
Got some of the magic dust in my mouth
We came, we ran, we conquered!
Here take some more color, your not colorful enough yet.
She lapped us
Purple powder magic
Color fun with the ladies
Color wars
I was covered in magic color dust


Charlie was pretty in pink
Post run party
Who runs the world? Hannah.
I made it!
Give me more color
This place was a color war zone
Time to go
All clean and ready for the next adventure
Guess who completed their first 5k? Deidra Craig did, and I’m proud of it! I spent the weekend getting color dust tossed at me in the blazing hot sun while attempting to complete 3 miles. Might I add that it was all worth it. I was accompanied by none other than the color squad of the century, my girl Hannah, a few co-workers and of course, Charlie Boo. I spent months training for this darn race and ended being so distracted by that magic color dust that I’m not even sure what my run time was. Of course, to get my moneys worth, I made sure every inch of my body was covered in color-head to toe. Surprisingly enough, the color washed right out of my hair-definitely one of my major concerns that day. I will say this though, the color dried my curls out! I had to deep condition for over an hour to regain moisture balance and detangling was a beast, so if you decide to do one of these runs, I suggest covering up your hair with a shower cap or scarf. I’d rather look funny than have to go through the deep conditioning and detangling session I went through. I guesstimate it took about 3 hours to do my hair because of that darn color. Note to self:magical colored fairy dust doesn’t make your hair grow. 🙂
Thinking of signing up for this cupcake run in October. I’ll run for cupcakes, i’ll run for ice cream, i’ll run for sweets, heck, i’ll run for food period. Also, strongly considering the Krispy Kreme challenge, i’ll run for fried carbs too. I’ll pretty much run for anything that’s eatable. 🙂 Someone should seriously consider a 5k funnel cake run. At every station you can add a new topping to your funnel cake till you get to the finish line and your funnel cake is complete with all it’s sugary goodness. Can you tell I’m health conscious? 🙂
FYI, if your thinking you’d like some of this magical colored fairy dust blasted on you for no good reason in 98 degree weather with not a water bottle in site for 3 miles, then check out the ColoVibe in a city near you here.
Deidra Marie

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