Had some much needed rest and relaxation this weekend with none other than my church family. It’s always nice to get away for a few days even if it’s just a few hours down the road. Charlie planned a church leaders retreat at Carolina Beach and I couldn’t have been more ecstatic about it. In between leaders training sessions, we hit the beach for some fun in the sun. I don’t want to say this is my last beach trip of the summer, but I think it is, unless God works miracles with my work schedule before mid October which is about the time NC starts to get cold. 😦

I had Charlie snap a few shots of me in front of my favorite beach house, you know? The sherbert- orangesicle beach house I’ve yapped about in previous post. I kept telling everyone I am will own that house one day. There are so many beach houses that are bigger, fancier and way more detailed but this one just makes me happy. There was a car parked in the driveway, I was so tempted to knock on the door and ask for a tour of the inside, but how awkward would that have been for them ? 🙂 LOL. Can you imagine: “Hello Mr. or Mrs. X, I’d like a tour of your house please, because it’s orange and brings me good vibes. Also, can I use your restroom? Perhaps cop a few refreshments off of you? I’m parched”. LOL 🙂

My mom was totally in her element this weekend. Being a beach local it was like being back home for her (She’s from Florida if that puts things in perspective). We arrived at the beach and she literally left us and headed straight for the ocean. I was like “Wheres mom?” and looked about 1 mile down the beach and there she was. I don’t blame her, I gravitate to water too….and shiny things. LOL.

It was a great time, with great people. Sometimes you just need to get away. For me, it’s like at least 5 days a week.

Not sure you can see it but I was rocking a pretty cool multi-colored bracelet this weekend. Stay tuned for the deets on this!


Deidra Marie

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